Selecting platforms for OER sharing

It is worth mentioning that many of the repositories and websites presented in topic 1.3. are suitable not only for OER search but for sharing OERs as well. Nevertheless, VCU Libraries provide a list of repositories that can be used to share your open educational resources after they are developed (link below). 

Magnifying glass with solid fillExplore a list of repositories provided by VCU Libraries that can be used to share your open educational resources after they are developed.
Magnifying glass with solid fillWatch a webinar summarising the main insights regarding the creation and sharing of OERs „Webinar: Creating and sharing Open Educational Resources (OERs)“ by the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education [1:01:29].

Finally, listen to the suggestions and recommendations on how to integrate OERs into Your classes and how to overcome barriers that Open Education may face

Webinar: Creating and Sharing Open Educational Resources (OERs)
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Further material for self-study
  • Please audit an open-access course “Creative Commons License” (Authors: A.A.Fuente, Universidad de Oviedo, Spain; A.Texeira, L.Morgado, Universidade Aberta, Portugal) that will provide a more thorough and in-depth knowledge on how to develop academic content and resources while complying with the Intellectual Property (IP) laws, with CC licenses as the main point of interest.