About Us


The pressing problems that higher education institutions have with adjusting to the quick digitalization of the business and education sectors are addressed by the Open Educational Resource (OER) CODEX project. 

The project was started in response to the changing nature of digital education and the unexpected difficulties brought on by the COVID-19 epidemic, which required an abrupt shift to online instruction. These difficulties include pedagogical and didactic issues in addition to technological ones. In order to develop blended learning experiences, educators reported a strong desire to integrate online learning into their teaching strategies but frequently lacked the essential knowledge, technological know-how, and readily available content. 

The project acknowledged the promise of 21st century skills development and assessment through online collaborative learning, as described by the OECD. However, there were barriers to educators sharing their knowledge, and there were few international cross-institutional initiatives for implementation that was systematic and easily available. 

The primary goal of the project is to create Open Educational Resource (OER) course modules organized according to the DigCompEdu framework in order to give higher education educators the skills they need to participate in blended learning activities, encourage collaboration, and establish a self-sustaining OER pool for online collaborative learning and teaching. 

The OER CODEX project has several goals in mind: first, it aims to create open educational resources (OER) course modules that communicate digital teaching and learning methodologies, with a focus on online collaborative learning as a beneficial supplement to conventional learning settings. The study also acknowledges the extensive applicability of online collaborative learning in a variety of educational environments. By enabling educators to develop skills in online collaborative learning and produce OER content appropriate for their courses, these course modules are designed to drive creative teaching practices and promote a culture of sharing and adaptation within the education community.