Final collaborative assignment

The Objective.
This online collaborative task aims to work in international/interdisciplinary teams/pairs of teachers in sharing their diverse teaching methodologies, insights, and resources to create an open educational resource that benefits educators worldwide.
Task description.

  1. Formation of groups. Participants will be divided into groups/pairs of teachers, each comprising teachers of similar teaching subjects.
  2. Identifying Topic of a collaborative OER. Each team will have to discuss and collaboratively choose a topic or teaching theme that is relevant and interesting, e.g., “Cultivating Critical thinking”, “Incorporating Technology in the Classroom”, “Promoting inclusivity and diversity”, “Using elements of AI in language learning classes”.
  3. Content creation. A final OER should comprise of 2 resources (a teaching and learning resource, and a teaching and learning scenario):
    a. Teaching and learning resource (slides, video, infographics, podcast, etc.). Based on the chosen topic and teachers’ expertise, each team will collaboratively create an open educational resource in the scope of up to 600 words (e.g., text, slides, video, podcast or similar). Scope – 500-600 words or respectively.
    b. Teaching and learning scenario showcasing the potential implementation and application of OER in the teaching process: a sample lesson plan, activity guides, and/or assessment methods. Scope – 500-600 words.
  4. Deciding on the CC license. Team members must discuss how the OER will be attributed, what CC license will be used, and an appropriate license should be included in both resources.
  5. Finalizing the assignment and uploading it on the Virtual Learning Environment in the assigned place. The Open educational resource should follow the following requirements:
  • An OER meets the academic standards.
  • An OER is in a format that is editable, e.g., slides, infographics, wiki.
  • Images, text and/or video are used to create an OER.
  • The teaching and learning scenario explain how a created OER can be applied in teaching practice.
  • The overall scope of the final assignment is in the scope of 1000 words.
  • The finalized OER is attributed with a CC license.

Upload the assignment

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