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I am new to OER, and that means, my department of Open, Distance, and eLearning (ODEL) is not privy to it either. Since the COVID-19 pandemic we have focused so much on eLearning, and not explored Open Education. This is an opportunity to learn about OER, and seek to pilot it too in my University. This is to mean that I will need to benefit from collaboration in this group, and develop an understanding that can guide me in piloting the same in partnership with our University's eLibrary. 

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Hello and welcome on board! 

as my personal teaching experience shows, the topic of licensing and ethical use of OERs is very important, since quite many of both, HE teachers and students, are not fully aware on what can be defined as an OER, how it is different from other resources available online. So I am very happy to hear that this topic is relevant for your institution as well! I do believe that you'll have a great learning experience and will be able to share it with your colleagues in the University. 😊 

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