The VCL cycle

1.3  The Vcl cycle

A Virtual Collaborative Learning (VCL) project can be systematically organized through a five-phase temporal framework. This process entails the following phases (Balázs & Schoop, 2004):

  1. Analysis Phase: During the analysis phase, the focus is on conducting a thorough examination of the VCL project’s contextual landscape. This involves a comprehensive understanding of the target audience, the intricacies of the subject matter, the established timeframe, and the availability of technological resources. This foundational step sets the stage for informed decision-making in subsequent phases
  2. Conceptualization Phase: Building upon the insights derived from the analysis phase, the conceptualization phase involves preparing the project’s task, including defining its concept, background narrative, task complexity, milestones, and scheduling. This phase lays the groundwork for a cohesive and well-structured VCL project.
  3. Preparation Phase: In this phase, planning of the VCL task, project structure, and the provisioning of essential materials and tools takes place. Specific actions include setting precise dates, establishing group structures and role assignments, and configuring the virtual learning environment.
  4. Project Phase: This stage is the actual implementation of the VCL project, often incorporating Blended Learning, where virtual and in-person learning is combined. Participants actively engage in project tasks, collaborate, and apply acquired knowledge and skills.
  5. Evaluation Phase: The evaluation phase marks the project’s conclusion, entailing the assessment of project outcomes, participant performance, and an overarching evaluation of the VCL project. Research activities may also be conducted, contributing to the continuous refinement of the VCL project methodology.
Read. Dive deeper into the VCL Cycle by reading Didactical Design Patterns that were created by WIIM Chair at TU Dresden.
Share and discuss. After reading the Didactical Design Patterns go to the discussion forum and reflect on the developmental trajectory of the Case Study across the four stages.