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Scenario: Enhancing Collaborative Learning with Open Educational Resources (OER)
Problem: A group of higher education teachers from different international Universities are invited to design a collaborative online course for virtual collaborative learning. Teachers need to discuss and create course content that is openly accessible in an institutional virtual learning environment. However, they face several challenges in effectively incorporating OER into their teaching methods and fostering a collaborative environment.
Challenges that teachers face: OER characteristics and relevance. Teachers need to have a conceptual understanding of what defines an OER and what is the significance of using OER for teaching and learning.
Resource selection. Teachers must identify high-quality OER that aligns with their curriculum and learning objectives, match students’ learning needs, and comprehensively cover the required topics. Selecting resources that encourage collaboration is crucial. As well they must ensure that the resources are up-to-date and relevant.
Resource creation and modification. Teachers must develop and continuously update OERs to ensure relevance, accuracy, and alignment with the course curriculum. Teachers need to be aware of the tools and platforms that allow the creation and modification of OER.
Didactic changes. Shifting from traditional teaching methods to a collaborative approach using OER requires a change in pedagogical strategies. Teachers need guidance on how to structure collaborative activities around these resources effectively.
Digital competence. Some teachers might lack digital competence in using digital tools or technology for teaching. Integrating OER into the curriculum might require them to gain new competencies.
Copyright and Licensing. OER often comes with different licensing terms. Ensuring that the chosen, modified, or created resources are legally used, shared, and attributed correctly is essential to avoid copyright infringements.
To learn how to do that, they are recommended to learn more about what open educational resources are, discuss the quality issues of OER, and find tools and repositories that help to develop, create, or adapt OERs. Finally, they are suggested with guidance on how to design collaborative case study courses. 

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