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Welcome to a collaborative learning-based course “Case study design”.

This is a course for higher education teachers who are novices in the topic of Case study but want to gain knowledge and skills in organizing teaching/learning using case-based methods.

Case Study Design in Online Collaborative Learning is specifically tailored for educators seeking to master the art of designing compelling case studies in the context of online collaborative learning. A well-structured case study stimulates critical thinking, problem-solving, and active participation among students. This course equips educators with a comprehensive toolkit of methods and strategies to create impactful case studies that align with their expertise and field of teaching.

Course-Specific Objectives

On successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain foundations of VCL framework
  • Identify goals of VCL implementation
  • Explain VCL design dimensions
  • Understand important dimensions of case design for OCL
  • Know how to derive specific competence-oriented tasks from complex case scenarios
  • Analyse and evaluate team performance related to tasks and (critical) incidents
  • Understand the objectives and basic construction of case-based learning
  • Know about the important steps of task design following the VCL framework
  • Design your own case studies

Course structure

The course consists of three lessons:

Lesson 1. The Foundations of Virtual Collaborative Learning Framework (links will be added)

Lesson 2. Designing Elements of Case Studies  (links will be added)

Lesson 3. Exemplary Case Studies (links will be added)

Each lesson covers theoretical material presented in textual or video format, a concise summary of theoretical material presented in PowerPoint slides, a self-assessment quiz, and further reading materials to deepen your knowledge.

A more detailed course structure is presented in Fig. 1 below. Please note that it is not compulsory to take the whole course, you can study any lesson based on your prior knowledge of this topic.

Fig. 1. Structure of the course “Case Study Design”
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