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My reflections on lesson 2

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Hello everyone.

As required, I am going to share my reflections on lesson 2 here. First of all, it is crucial to choose the tools I am used to in my daily practices as a teacher and a researcher. I here mean Google docs and slides which are user-friendly and easily accessible to my colleagues and students. I personally use them to collaborate with  my international partners in virtual exchange programmes or in international projects. They facilitate our collaboration and make it more effective especially with less amount of email discussions and exchanges. We can write our reflections and apply our modifications directly on the original document or presentation. I also advise my students to use these two tools for their collaborative work being online students basically. I can share links to Google slides so that I can see their discussions and contributions while producing their presenattions. I can therefore detect those who really contributed to the work and those who did not.

Answering the questions of how to evaluate OER and how to produce good quality OER? In my opinion, we should refer back to the needs of the students first, then the learning objectives and outcomes. I usually carry on a small needs' analysis survey among my students to make sure what they really need and most of all want and desire to learn before I start teaching them. This step may not be on a yearly basis because I usually have the same type and level of students and disciplines. This way, I can formulate or choose an adequate set of material that meets their needs, wants, and desires together with the learning objectives that I consider crucial to their learning process and discipline.

Finally, the criteria that I mostly abide by when adopting OER are mainly related to the nature of online teaching and learning. I use a lot of presentations that can be employed in an online environment especially during synchronous sessions. 


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Hi, Dorsaf,

Thank you indeed for the reflection and for sharing your personal experiences. It's great that you mainly use GoogleDocs for collaborative learning and working. I also find these tools useful for my teaching practice, and I see that students prefer easy access and use of tools. Are your students willing to share their work as OER? Or do you share OERs that you create? If yes, what license do you use most often?
Concerning the quality of OER, I completely agree that it is important to respond to students' learning needs, and it's great to know that you choose resources that meet their needs. Nevertheless, what strategies do you use when selecting an OER? How do you know that the resource is trustworthy?