Introduction to Course

Welcome to an online collaborative learning-based course “Open Educational Resources for Collaborative Learning.” 

This is a course for higher education teachers who are novices in the topic of Open Educational Resources (OER) but want to gain knowledge and skills in identifying, creating, sharing OERs, and recognizing/copyrighting them.

Training material follows the DigCompEdu framework Area 2 – Digital Resources elements, aiming to qualify higher education (further-HE) teachers as integrators who can enhance diverse teaching practices with online collaborative learning methods in the context of blended learning engagement in higher education.

Remote learning language outlinecollaborative learning-based course           Clock outline approx. 55 hours            Euro outlineFree                                  


On successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • define the value of OER to support teaching and learning.
  • search for openly licensed educational resources.
  • identify and assess the quality of a particular OER.
  • Identify the five main steps of the OER production process.
  • create OERs individually and jointly using basic digital tools and strategies.
  • explain the fundamental role of copyright and open licensing principles.
  • describe the four different Creative Common License components and six licenses.
  • assign Creative Commons licenses to self-created or collaborative resources.
  • share digital resources incorporating openly licensed images/videos/infographics.

Course structure

The course consists of three lessons. Each lesson covers theoretical material presented in textual or video format, a concise summary of theoretical material presented in PowerPoint slides, a self-assessment quiz, and further reading materials to deepen your knowledge.

A more detailed course structure is presented in Fig. 1 below. Please note that it is optional to take the whole course; you can study any lesson based on your prior knowledge of this topic. 

Fig. 1. Structure of the course “Open Educational Resources for Collaborative Learning”

Please check this introductory video to learn more about the course and how to navigate it.